Bonita Boats For Sale

Embark on memorable adventures with boats built for the whole family and the passionate angler.

Built with
Precision and Care

Bonita Boats are known for their multipurpose, hybrid style that accommodates both family comfort and excellent fishability in shallow waters. Utilizing advanced resin infusion technology, Bonita Boats ensures each vessel is crafted with precision, offering enhanced strength and environmental safety compared to traditional boat building methods.

Experience Versatility
on Water

Each model, including the popular Little Snapper and Shark Bait series, is designed to provide the ideal day on the water, blending everyday fishing functionality with the comfort of a family boat. These models feature ample storage and are equipped to handle both leisurely and sporty outings with ease.

Crafting Your Dream Boat

Founded in 2018 in Melbourne, Florida, by Mitchel Larson, Bonita Boats was born out of a passion to create beautiful, functional boats. The company focuses on producing boats that embody the beauty and spirit of the ocean, ensuring every boat day is exceptional. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Bonita Boats continues to serve fishing enthusiasts and family boaters alike.