Xplor Boatworks For Sale

Experience the thrill of exploration with boats designed to go anywhere and everywhere.

Built for the Adventurous

Xplor Boatworks boats are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of the adventurous at heart. Models like the x24 Andros and x13 are built from the ground up with high-performance materials and innovative design, ensuring durability and excellent handling in diverse water conditions. Whether you’re skimming across the flats or cruising offshore, these boats are engineered to enhance your fishing and boating experience.

Versatile Designs for
Every Explorer

The Xplor Boatworks lineup, including the versatile x24 Andros, is perfect for anglers who demand a boat that can handle both inshore and offshore adventures. With options like custom color gelcoat, advanced electronics, and multiple engine choices, these boats are tailored to be as adaptable as the environments they explore. The integration of features like enhanced rod holders, ample storage, and robust build options support both leisure and competitive activities on the water.

A Story of Innovation and Grit

Xplor Boatworks was born from a passion project that turned into a pursuit of creating the ideal skiff for adventure. Founded by Frankie Marion in Columbia, South Carolina, the company has grown from a single project in a garage to a revered manufacturer known for its rugged, high-quality boats. Each boat is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, quality, and the spirit of adventure.