Sea Cat Boats For Sale

Experience the perfect fusion of agility and stability with our hybrid catamaran designs.

Cutting Edge
Hybrid Design

Sea Cat Boats are renowned for their innovative hybrid designs that merge the best qualities of bay boats and catamarans. This unique blend results in vessels like the Sea Cat 26 and Sea Cat 34, which offer exceptional stability, performance, and versatility, suitable for both inshore and offshore adventures. The incorporation of AFTEC™, our exclusive Air Flow Technology, ensures an unparalleled smooth ride.

Engineering for
the Extremes

Every Sea Cat model, from the 262 Hybrid Catamaran to the larger Sea Cat 34, is designed for peak performance. These boats feature a 3-stepped hull design that enhances airflow and water dynamics, making them perfect for various marine environments. The construction is focused on creating a comfortable yet high-performing ride that can handle both calm and rough waters with ease.

Pioneering Maritime Excellence

Sea Cat Boats has a long-standing reputation for excellence in the boating industry, driven by over a century of combined experience in high-performance offshore racing boat construction. Based in Gulfport, MS, Sea Cat continues to push the boundaries of innovation with boats that are built to impress both seasoned anglers and recreational enthusiasts.