Sea Fox Boats For Sale

Embark on an adventure with top-tier saltwater boats crafted for performance and comfort.

Crafted for Excellence

Sea Fox Boats stand out with their dedication to high-quality construction and meticulous attention to detail. Built to endure the rigors of saltwater fishing, each boat from the extensive lineup, such as the 368 Commander, is equipped with features like twin 50-gallon pressurized aquarium live-wells and massive bonding points for a solid ride, ensuring both durability and functionality in all sea conditions.

Innovations on the Water

Designed with the serious angler in mind, Sea Fox Boats integrate advanced marine technology and practical features. The boats are tailored for an optimal fishing experience, featuring multi-dimensional cushions for ultimate comfort and a cockpit that fulfills every angler’s dream. The integration of such innovations is evident in models like the 328 Commander, which is praised for its performance and utility.

A Legacy of Maritime Excellence

Founded in 1995 by Freddy Renken, Sea Fox Boats carries forward a family legacy of boat manufacturing. With over 27 years of experience, the company has been a beacon of innovation and quality in the boating industry. Sea Fox aims to provide vessels that not only meet but exceed the expectations of boating enthusiasts, making every journey on the water memorable.